How to cut Laminex, cutting laminate

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To cut Laminex panels there is a bit of an art form.  Laminex recommend that you cut their panels from the face side.  Cutting from front to back.  This is exactly what you need to do to stop the face of the panel being chipped.

There are a number of tools to choose from when cutting Laminex; for example, a circular saw with a timber blade or diamond blade, an angle grinder with a diamond blade, or a hand saw.  It is not recommend to cut Laminex with diamond blades, they tend to burn the panels. Whichever tool you decide to use, it is important to ensure that the blade is sharp.

The trouble is that every power saw or circular saw cuts from the bottom to the top.  If you cut on the face side of the panel with a circular saw, your blade will be cutting from the back to the front face of the panel.  This will result in the saw blade chipping the face of the panel.

The solution is to cut your Laminex panel upside down.  This way your circular saw will cut the face of the panel first and then lead onto the back of the panel. This means that any chips will be on the unseen back edge of your Laminex panel.