Asbestos in old floor coverings, how to check?

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When you are renovating the time will come when you’ll replace old vinyl floorcoverings.  Something to keep in mind, there is asbestos in old floor coverings.  Particularly with vinyl and lino products that predates the 1970’s.  Now asbestos is not a problem if you do not disturb it, however if you are renovating the chances are it well be replaced.  Before it gets touched, be sure that the lino/vinyl itself does not contain asbestos.  There is a real risk to you and your family, please don’t take chances.

Check for asbestos in old flooring coverings

How do you tell whether the old vinyl flooring contains asbestos?  A professional floor stripping company can check for you, this the only way to be 100% sure is to have a floor.  If there is some damage to the old floor coverings, there is one way to tell if it is asbestos.

One way to tell is to break off a small corner and see if it crumbles. If it crumbles and you can see little fibres the chances are that it contains asbestos. If it does not crumble but tears instead, 9 times out of 10 this type of lino/vinyl doesn’t contain asbestos.

How to temporiraly make the damaged flooring safe?

If you are in doubt about the material the flooring, you will need to seal the damaged area.  The easist way to temporiarly make the damaged area safe is to cover it.  You can use a stick tape product, or even a thick coat of paint applied over the damaged area.