What is Caesarstone? Can I use it as a bench top?

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Caesarstone, Caesarstone bench topCaesarstone ® is an engineered stone used to create kitchen bench tops, splash back, bathroom vanities and wall linings. This man made stone is made of broken down stones that are reconstituted into a single slab that is cleaned and polished. It is a low cost alternative to counter tops stones like granite and marble. Caesarstone ® is 93% quarts which makes it strong and hard.  Their countertops are resistant to stains, crack, heat and common chemicals used in households. This is why it is a popular stone for kitchen countertops.

Since its entry into the market, Caesarstone ® has been the subject of much debate about reconstituted stone vs. natural stones. They are often pitted against granite and another engineered stone known as Silestone. There isn’t a lot that is different between these two engineered stones. Caesarstone ® has more quartz, is more expensive and comes in a low variety of colors than Silestone and it has been able to hold its own.

When it comes to kitchens there are a couple of features your countertop needs to have besides looking good.

It needs to be able to withstand heat

Caesarstone ® kitchen bench tops are structurally more heat resistant than other stones. However like all stones sudden and rapid temperature fluctuations can affect the bench top in the long run, especially near the edge of the counter. To make sure that this is not a factor, place hot pads between the top and the cooking pot.

It should be easy to clean

Cleaning Caesarstone ® kitchen bench tops is easy. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe dirt off. You can use a non-abrasive cleaner, preferably something with a pH level between 5 and 8. There is always a chance that daily spills on the countertop might create a patina. To avoid this, always wipe your spills off the countertop

It should be non-porous

Caesarstone ® is non-porous. There is no need to apply a sealant that most stone countertops require.

It should be mold resistant

Because off its non-porous nature, Caesarstone ® is mold resistant, which means as a kitchen bench top will help stop the breeding of bacteria.

Stain and scratch resistant

Caesarstone ® is scratch, crack and stain resistant but exercise and continuous pressure from sharp objects can cause some damage.

It needs to be harder and stronger

Caesarstone ® is popularly used in kitchens but because of its durability, some people have installed it outdoors.

The cost of Caesarstone ® kitchen bench tops

Caesarstone ® bench tops are comparatively cheaper than most natural stone tops. The price depends on the style stone countertop and where you are buying it from. To add to that you will need to consider installation costs if you will be hiring someone to install the countertop for you. The cost can range between $50 and $100 per square foot.

Caesarstone ® countertops have a limited lifetime warranty. The stones are manufactured in a controlled environment at one plant which supplies directly to dealers. The quality will not vary from one dealer to the next; variations occur when the stones are cut and installed. This is why it is important to contract a company that has the experience handling Caesarstone ® and sufficient experience with installation.

If you want to see the product range, check out their website.