Planning a kitchen renovation? Things to consider.

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The kitchen renovation is one of the most popular home improvements. Well, this may seem like a cliche, but the kitchen is the heart of any home. Thus improving its’ function, design, and look will bring back big returns. When renovating your kitchen, your improvements should be personalised and the budget should allow for your specific requirements to meet your needs. That being said, if you are planning on renovating your kitchen, you need to consider a few items.

Your budget

Before you start your kitchen renovation, you need to be clear on just how much you are willing to spend. Make all of your design decisions based on the set budget. If you begin your kitchen renovation without a clear idea of exactly how much you are willing to spend, the costs will quickly get out of control. Set an upper limit of just how much you want to spend while leaving some room for any unexpected costs.


The kitchen’s layout is one of the most important aspects to consider. The layout helps make the kitchen functional and aesthetically appealing. When determining the best layout for your kitchen, look at its’ functionality, workflow, space and then brainstorm some great kitchen design ideas. You can also consider getting a professional designer to help you avoid pitfalls of a bad kitchen layout.


One of the most important things to consider when renovating a kitchen is how you’d like to utilise the space. It’s wise to consult a professional designer and determine how the space can be best utilised to meet your particular needs. For instance, the type of recipes you normally cook will affect the kitchen’s design. Another key factor when it comes to space is the work triangle; this is made up of the cupboard, sink, and refrigerator. For optimum efficiency and safety, the space between the components of this triangle shouldn’t be more than 6 to 10 metres apart. Your kitchen sink should be placed in the area which has plenty of natural lighting, and in the area which is most convenient to you.

You should also consider ergonomics when setting up the storage space. The frequently used items can be stored at a height that’s convenient to you, while the items which are used less frequently can be stored slightly above or below the regularly used ones.


You should consider which style will best suits your kitchen, and meets your needs. Do you prefer a more traditional style or a modern kitchen? #Tip Do not be afraid to venture outside the box. Matching periods and different styles can give you a very stylish kitchen.


It is crucial to consider the appliances in the kitchen and the new types you intend to buy, before renovating your kitchen. Make sure all the appliances fit perfectly, and complement your kitchen’s style, design and functionality. Also ensure there is enough ventilation near some appliances like fridges and wall ovens.


When renovating your kitchen, you’ll probably want to put a new layer of flooring. There are numerous options for flooring available, and your personal style and budget will be the major factors. Keep your budget in mind when choosing the most suitable type and style of flooring. For instance, you can choose a flooring surface which is hard and can withstand wear and tear especially if you’ve children. Well, after you consider all the factors, pick the best flooring material which your renovation budget allows.

When planning on renovating your kitchen, it’s wise to consult plumbers, electricians and professional designers before making any final decisions. That being so, any kitchen renovation should have some of the following basics; adequate storage and working space, proper ventilation, proper plumbing, proper lighting, reliable appliances, great style and design. So, if you are an Australian resident planning on renovating the kitchen, put the aforementioned factors into consideration.