How to remove broken tiles, or chipped tiles?

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When drop something, breaking or chipping a tile is one of our biggest fears. Especially when we drop something hard and heavy on floor tiles.  If you are unfortunate enough to chip or break a tile, there is a trick you can use to remove the broken tile without damaging the surrounding tiles.

Remove the old grout

Removing a boken tile will take time and a lot of patience.  First, start by removing all the grout from around the outside of the broken tile.  It is best to use a grout removal tool.  However, if you have a flat screw driver, this will work as well.  Both tools require you to carefully scatch out the old grout.  Once all the grout has been removed, you are ready to remove the broken tile.

Remove broken tiles

To remove the broken tile, you will need to get a masonry drill (a masonry drill is a dedicated hammer drill).  Using a 10mm drill bit, drill a series of holes all the way around the edges of the broken tile/s.

These holes should be 15-20mm apart and drilled 20mm in from the tile edges.  Drilling these holes will take patience.  Not only patients, be very gentle as tile pieces will break away. Sometimes the broken pieces can chip the surrounding tiles.

Because the grout was removed, the outside edge of the tile can break away freely.  Without putting any additional pressure on the surrounding tiles.  Once you have removed the outside 20mm of tile, repeat this process. Move towards the centre in 20mm increments until the entire tile is removed. I did say it would take a lot of patience!

If you do chip a surrounding tile you will need to repeat the entire process.  Again, take your time, because if you work too fast you may end up having to replace a few tiles.

It is not recommended that you install your own tiles, call a professional. That being said you, you have completed the arguable the hardest part.