How to stop banging cupboard doors

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stop banging cupboard doors, soft closer, cupboard door soft closerThe sound of kitchen cupboard doors banging shut is one noise that you never really get used too.  By stopping the cupboard doors banging you get a little piece and quiet.  The answer, soft closing hinges, soft closers, sometimes referred to as shock absorbers.

What are soft closers?

How do soft closing hinges or soft closers work?  When the door is closing the soft closer catches the cupboard door a few centimetres from the closed position.  The soft closer (or shock absorber) slows down the last few centimetres of the door’s travel. This stops the cupbaord door from banging closed.

Installing soft closers

The hinge in the photo has the soft closer mounted to the top.  If your kitchen cupboards do not have soft closing hinges you can purchase replacement hinges with the shock absorber attached.  When buying replacement hinges, check that the new hinges will fit in the same as the orginal. Another option is to buy the shock absorber separately and screw it to the side of the kitchen cupboard. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  A tip, if you do choose to buy the soft closer mechanism, make sure that your screws are short. This will ensure the screws do not penetrate the other side of your kitchen cupboard.  The best screws to use for the installation of the soft closers are 12mm long.

By stopping the kitchen cupbaord doors from banging, you bring a little bit of luxury to your home.