Ikea kitchen planner, how it works.

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Before you embark on the task of renovating or installing a new kitchen, you need to do your homework. Fortunately for you, we have made your homework much easier. Today, we are going to review the IKEA Kitchen Planner software. We will give you the pros and cons of using this 3D kitchen designing tool, along with some tips on how to make it more beneficial.

Renovating or installing a new kitchen can be an expensive proposition, therefore it’s wise to be well prepared and to know exactly what you want. Well, although visiting a show room to check out the pre built kitchens may give you an idea of what the various fittings and fixtures look like, it is rather difficult to visualize them in your own kitchen. Using a 3D visualization software is the best way of visualizing what your renovated or new kitchen will look like. It will even give you the chance of trying out different layouts and colour schemes without unnecessarily spending time and money, on redecorating the kitchen for real.

This is where the IKEA Kitchen Planner comes in. The IKEA Kitchen Planner is a browser extension which lets you simulate your particular projected kitchen. It’s an easy to use designing tool which is compatible with most of the modern browsers. This amazing kitchen designing tool comes in form of a simple browser extension, which needs to be downloaded and then installed. The IKEA kitchen planner has actually made designing and renovating kitchens much easier and faster than ever before.

Pros of the IKEA Kitchen Planner

The tool provides a 3D view of the kitchen, and lets you apply various components from IKEA´s catalog, so that you can see how well they will fit in their kitchen. This tool basically gives you a good idea of how your kitchen will look like after the renovation.

The IKEA Kitchen Planner is an amazing tool which makes it very easy for even the casual users to design and craft professional looking kitchen designs. The tool is actually much easier to use than most other kitchen designing tools out there.

By simply downloading and installing the IKEA kitchen planner add on, you can immediately start designing the perfect floor plans for your kitchen, along with such other features.

The 3 dimensional rendering aspect of IKEA Kitchen Planner works extremely well, and will immediately give you with a very detailed look of your kitchen; By using the control panel, you can look around your kitchen, and get a good sense of exactly what it will be like after adding the intended developments.

The system’s functionality is very easy to manage.

The IKEA kitchen staff are very helpful, and offer great customer support. If you happen to have any issue using the software, you can contact them and they will sort you out. In addition, the staff are actually very well informed with the 3D kitchen planner, and will immediately fix any issues you might have.

The IKEA Kitchen Planner interface is very well developed and can be used by anyone.

The IKEA kitchen Planner is absolutely free to use.

Cons of the IKEA Kitchen Planner

The browser extension has to be downloaded, and installed.

It requires minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768, which means it won’t work well on most netbooks.