Marble bench tops, the pros and cons

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Marble bench tops offer classic and timeless beauty for the interior finishing of your home, but the wisdom of installing one will depend on where you are using it. Generally, marble will make a perfect surface for bathrooms, fireplace surrounding, offices, and other light use areas. However, it is not recommended for use in the kitchen due to its porous nature.

Pros of Marble Bench Tops

Marble bench tops offer spectacular beauty: The major reason marble remains in high demand for bench tops is its elegant looks. This igneous stone offers a classic array of color and brilliance everyone desires. You may choose displays of hues including solid white, yellow, gray, solid black, white, green, rose spectrum. Every slab is unique on its own so you can be sure of sampling a unique bench top for your home.

Eye-catching white brightness

It doesn’t conduct heat

Not likely to be chipped or damaged while chopping on it

Widely available

Top heat resistance

Cons of Marble Bench Tops

Marble is porous in nature: The porous nature of marble makes it absorb liquids more readily. This means that oil, juice, wine, and other spills will penetrate deeper into the bench surface making it impossible to clean. This makes it less preferred for kitchen tops of even bathroom benches.

Another negative concern about a marble kitchen bench is that the stone isn’t sturdy enough to withstand heavy tasks. Sharp knives may scratch the surface, leaving permanent marks. Heavy mugs or pots may chip the marble surface or even knock off a corner.

It can be very expensive

Marble may require extra seals or coats to prevent staining

Marble bench tops give classic eye-catching beauty for the interior finishes of your home, with the exception of kitchen bench tops. This is the primary reasons most manufacturers won’t offer warranty on marble counter tops when used in kitchens, and some installers won’t approve their use in the kitchen. However, due to their spectacular beauty, some people would rather use them, and cope with the eventuality of staining later on.