About ask builders, ask buildersIt all started when one morning while having breakfast with some friends. They had been looking at a couple of properties to purchase, each with their issues. They talked about the houses and what other people had said about the different problems.

I was a little worried, what they had been told didn’t sound right, didn’t make sense. It was at that moment when I was talking and sharing what I saw as a builder that ‘Ask Builders’ idea come to light.

Being able to share my building knowledge and experience with my friends made me happy.

And this is why Ask Builders exists. We are not here to teach you how to hammer a nail, or how to use a drill; plenty of great websites do that already.

No, we are here to give building professional insights into your next project or building purchase. We simple are the builder’s opinion. That opinion when you know, you need to speak with someone that has the experience and knowledge and is not directly involved.

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