What are expensive problems in a home

Building industry / How to

Hi, Matt  from Ask Builders.  Recently, I was asked how do you tell if a property has expensive problems?  There are three main areas, water damage, termites and the last one is structural. Water damage In terms of water damage, there are three main areas where this is likely to occur, bathrooms, laundry and the […]

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Why defecting the process is painful

Building industry

Hi, Matt from Ask Builders, today I was asked what’s the most painful part of the building process?  For me, its the defecting period. This is the part of the building process where you’ve gone through and built the building and in the finial stage ready to hand it over to the client. This is […]

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Timber verus Steel house frame

Building industry / New buildings

Hi, Matt from ask.builders, I was asked what is the difference between a steel house frame and a timber house frame?  To be perfectly honest there really is not much difference.  It just comes down to personal preference, me as a builder and a carpenter I would much rather work with timber all day every […]

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