How much do corner windows increase the cost of construction?

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Thinking about our facade, we were faced with the question: do corner windows significantly increase construction costs?

The window itself (perhaps it's a more special shape than "regular" windows, and therefore perhaps more expensive?) and the construction (load transfer in the corners, for example)? Or is it within reasonable limits, or are the concerns unfounded?



The seller of our house mentioned in the conversation that corner windows are more expensive than "regular" windows, mainly because of the special design requirements.

However, since corner windows didn't make sense to us, we didn't continue to ask around. However, I think you will get more detailed information from one builder or another.


I would say it very much depends on the specific design. A beautifully filigreed one with glass glued in the corners and complicated load transfer in the lintel probably costs a lot more. With load-bearing wall beams and two pieces of window, it's not more expensive than two windows. I question whether you can still call it a corner window. There are many other variations in between (steel beams, wood beams for support, etc.). As you can see, it all depends on your aesthetic requirements and the skill of the planner.

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