Is it possible to sell dismantled window elements?

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We are buying a house with terraces from the builder. All the windows are already installed there.

Unfortunately, the window element for the terrace is also already installed and finished. It consists of two fixed elements on the outside and two sliding doors in the middle. The dimensions are 3.20 m wide and 2.10 m high.

"Unfortunately" because we have a similar sized sliding door element from our current apartment and would like to have it in the new house as well. So we will order a new one and remove the already installed element. Since neither the builder nor the window manufacturer wants to pay us anything for it, I would like to sell it on the market myself.

Is there a market for something like this?




These days, almost all windows are made to order. Accordingly, a wrongly ordered window costs nothing, I'd say.


It seems to me that if you had negotiated everything earlier no extra items would have turned up.

Now there's nothing that can be done.

Windows are made to order, so your piece is practically worthless. You can use it later to build a conservatory or something similar.

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