Is there a noticeable external difference between plastic and aluminum windows installed in the same house?

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In our new building, we plan to install plastic roller shutters everywhere in order to save money. The living/dining room has 3 window elements:

— A fixed glazed seating window with exterior shutters (250 cm)

— Balcony door on the 2nd floor with roller shutters (200 cm)

— Fixed glazing with roller shutters (250 cm)

Unfortunately, our window manufacturer has informed us that plastic roller shutters are not possible for the fixed glazing element due to their size. An aluminum element is required. It will also be available in the same RAL color. We are now considering the possibility of installing aluminum roller shutters on a double-panel balcony door. However, for reasons of economy, we will leave the rest of the roller shutters in the house as plastic. This means that the roller shutters on the floor above will be made of plastic.

Do you think it will be very noticeable?



In my opinion, it is noticeable almost exclusively to you personally. In most of the homes of people I know that I've inspected, there has been dialogue:

Builder: "Well, we had to do it 'this way' because there was no other way."

Me: "ah, okay"-and seriously, I never would have noticed it if I hadn't been given the okay; and so I also became more relaxed about my own project.


 It won't be noticeable until a few years later, when the plastic profile has warped and faded.


 Experience has shown that plastic yellows or fades more than coated aluminum. 


No, not really. Only those who look carefully and with professional interest will notice it. It's smarter to watch your wallet here.


It's definitely noticeable. Just as it would be noticeable without roller shutters on individual windows. But everyone has to decide for themselves if it's worth the extra cost. I wouldn't do it for myself.

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