Why is every word coming through the windows? Is the insulation broken?

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We suspect there is a serious structural defect in the windows.

We have noticed that every word spoken from the outside penetrates the house. But not so clearly that you can understand it word for word. But you can hear immediately if someone is talking outside. Even at a great distance (10 meters +) we can also hear the noise of car engines. Not only at our immediate neighbors, but also at cars 30-40 meters away. When the neighbors start the engine or drive up in a car, we hear it very clearly.

It is interesting that if one stands inside and speaks, the one standing outside does not hear a word. However, the person standing inside hears it clearly, especially if you are standing in front of the window and talking at a normal volume (tested).

Our neighbors always say they can't hear anything outside, not even the screams of children.

I think we were cheated when they installed the windows. As far as I can tell, the windows were only generously sealed and stucco tape installed. I didn't see sealing tape anywhere. And certainly no mineral/rock wool, despite the soundproofing requirements. Some of our construction joints are 4-5 cm wide. Which, as I said, were only filled with foam. It was fully exposed to weather and UV rays for 5-6 months before the stucco was applied.

What do you think? Is this normal or more of a cause for complaint?

What are your experiences with outside noise? And does anyone know what are the window installation recommendations that should be followed anyway?

  • Do you have pictures of the window installation situation? What is the overall construction of the wall? Where are the windows located in the wall construction?
  • I'll look for them tomorrow and upload them. The wall construction is Poroton bricks, 36.5 cm – single shell construction. Can you say anything about your experience with regard to outside noise?
  • Prefabricated house in wood-frame construction?



If by "construction joints" you mean the gap between the window element and the wall, and if that gap is that large, I'm not surprised. Foam alone won't keep sound out, you need protective strips on top. For single leaf windows, the difference between the outer size of the frame and the opening is usually about 3 cm (total, mind you: 1.5 cm per side), for larger formats it can be 2 cm per side. Someone must have taken measurements (or ordered the windows before the wall openings were finished and measured from the plan with thick caution) and then installed window elements that turned out to be too small. With any luck, joining profiles from the same frame profile system would work to adjust the difference. This sounds like a typical case of the "foam cures all excessive tolerances" attitude.

Once again, let's be clear: the full perimeter gap alone is sufficient for this phenomenon, the glazing and sash can be installed correctly.


We have a solidly built house. With several floor-to-ceiling windows in every room. At night, when someone stands outside in absolute silence and talks, we hear them quietly, but we can't understand them. During the day, we only hear the trucks driving slowly in front of the house.


The 5 cm gap between the windows is just a flaw, besides, check if the windows were not made with a shoddy assembly.


We have a Ytongg wall at home. Monolithic. You hear virtually nothing. It doesn't matter what the window is. I think that's fine. The windows in our house fit perfectly with the brickwork. 

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