What is better in terms of soundproofing – soundproof windows or roller shutters?

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We have old windows throughout the house that are about 20 years old, with no roller shutters.

Now, on the second floor (bedroom), you can hear the street, which is about 150 yards away, a little too loud in the morning.

The sound is definitely coming from the window. Otherwise they do make a good impression, no drafts, etc.

Now the question is:

1) Leave the windows as is and install exterior shutters?

2) Buy new windows and keep the shutters?

Which is better for keeping sound outside? Which option is more expensive?



If the windows aren't already ruined, I would use roller shutters because they can completely darken the house and have a burglary-proof effect.

  • Are exterior roller shutters available that are at least 10 cm away from the window? There is no more clinker on the top floor, meaning the window is almost flush with the (wood) facade.

It seems to me that the best option in terms of soundproofing is of course new windows, but it is also more expensive if you also do shutters with new windows.

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