How do you visually align windows?

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I would like to get your opinion on the following:

What do you guys think about the east side of the house (absolutely not visible, because field).

1. pantry (pos. fixed, because of interior design)

2. children's room 1

3. kitchen (more or less fixed)

4. children's room 2

5. terrace door dining room (can only be moved to the left due to interior design)

Would you mediate window 4 between 3 & 5?




I would at least consider aligning 1 and 4. Having four formats with five windows is at least one format too many ;)


If the floor plan allows, move them right on top of each other.


Post the floor plan, otherwise – yes views are important, but depending on the location of the house also not so important.


I would make equal windows on top and then mediate those to the windows below a bit.

Or is there a particular reason why one nursery gets a small window and the other gets a double-hung?

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