What profile should to choose for a large single-pane windows in an old house?

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The house is an old 1920s house, the window openings are small in width – about 900x1900 mm or 1000x2000 mm. I would like to do it with one window sash to make it lighter, without a central lintel. What profile should I choose to hold such an area of glass?

At first we thought of Kaleva Deco, because it has a thinner frame and more glazing area (more light). But a little understanding realized that the gain on the width of the frame is not so noticeable, about 1-2 cm, and probably will not play a big role?

The windows are in the yard, so additional noise insulation is probably not very necessary.



Calculate the profile for the static loads in this case. Choose the reinforcement. Plus glue the package. Plus wedge the frame away from the opening during installation.


Veka Softline, Rehau Delight (Brilliant) KBE Expert, Kaleva Deco – good options among 70.

Glazing glazing, reinforcement of 1.5, or even 1.8, and most importantly good hardware Roto NT Siegenia Titan, Mako Multimatik.

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