Birds' nests under the roof – what to do?

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Our house is about 8 years old.

In the last 4-5 years we have been having more and more problems with birds' nests under the roof and under the roof tiles.

The cross shingles (see photo) unfortunately do not cover the roof on the side, which gives the birds a nesting place that is also used. Do you know if this is normal (I've never seen a house with exposed tiles) and what can be done?Another problem is that the roof under the gutter is also not properly covered (see photo with red arrows). There are also birds nesting here. Does anyone know if this incomplete closure is necessary or a structural defect? The main problem, unfortunately, is the large amount of bird droppings. I am very concerned that aggressive bird droppings can cause damage under the roof, and it certainly is not good for the health of my young children. What can be done here?




Birds don't usually defecate in their nests, nobody defecates in their dormitories. I mean, the problem is overrated. It should also be a problem for kids, how exactly!!!? Do they inhale it every day? The swallows are almost gone because they can't find nesting places under the eaves. We have an old house and two sparrows nest in a similar position, year after year. It's nice to hear the chirping in the spring – and neither house or babies show any signs of dying from it. But with the new building, I can understand that. Still, please wait until breeding season!

  • Bird nests don't do any damage to the house. Just leave them alone. After all, a little bird droppings are tolerable.
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    I think it's pretty normal, we've had bird nests under the roof in our house too, even bats have settled there. Hedgehogs in the garden every year. I wouldn't remove the nests, it's nice to have a few visitors. I can't imagine it's dangerous for kids, you can't eat shit you have to tell them if they don't know :)

Wait until nesting season, then remove and close it. Bird nests are not a problem in and of themselves and therefore do not need to be removed (by the way, that is also forbidden for good reason!), but I would still like to have them closed afterwards so that nothing but birds can settle there afterwards. If you can't get to it yourself, you'll have to hire a company.


Get some netting of any kind and stick it in there. Or you just watch every few days and destroy the nest at an early stage. Nest building takes a few weeks in many species.

  • The specified location is 8 meters high and very difficult to reach.

After the nesting season, remove the nests and close the entrances, partially bend the grates, and pull nets over them to protect them from birds. Be careful not to get bird droppings in your eyes, wear safety glasses.

  • Unfortunately, the house is very high. 
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