Concrete vs clay shingles

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In a house under construction, the standard shingles are concrete shingles. I have the option of switching to clay shingles at an additional cost.

I keep hearing and reading that clay shingles last twice as long as concrete shingles.

What are your thoughts on this?



In my experience, it depends largely on the choice of coating for concrete shingles; clay shingles, by the way, are more expensive only because they break down faster in transit, as well as in handling.


We chose concrete shingles 15 years ago and would never do it again. Tiles get dirty very quickly.

Now we pay a little more for noble engobed clay shingles and get a beautiful roof for years to come in return.


We took concrete shingles, although clay shingles wouldn't have cost more because the soundproofing should be better.

Because of the low slope of the roof, we don't see the possibility of rapid contamination.


Opinions differ on this... But when I look at the roofs of my neighbors who built 1-2 years earlier than us... I'm glad I paid extra for clay shingles.


What is your definition of durability? Before a tile (concrete or clay) starts to crumble, you are probably already a very long time down 2 meters.

In the past, concrete tiles got dirty faster because their surface was rougher. Today, there are coatings for concrete tiles as well, so there's not much difference in the idea.

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