Can window mounting wedges be removed?

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Mounting wedges prevent the installation of a high window sill.

I want to take them out, cut them, and put them in the same place so that they do not go beyond the boundaries of the profile. Or replace them with other – metal or plastic bars.

Question: what is the risk of the window "sagging" if I do not or unequally tighten the new wedges?

The window is anchored in addition to the foam with healthy dowels around the perimeter.



 I took them out on one window when I installed the countertop. They didn't hold the window in any way – they pulled out easily, I filled the voids behind them and that was it.

Do whatever you want after the foam hardens. The window will not go anywhere.


According to the standard, the support and spacer blocks must remain in the opening. In the designed position (i.e. along the profile). This is a generally accepted standard in the industry.

If you do not turn the wedges during installation, right on the spot to cut them with a chisel or saw off.

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