How to panel a wooden house?

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Where do I start? From the top or from the bottom? If from below, how do you attach the scaffolding? 



Top or bottom, it makes no difference to you. More nuances with the installation of scaffolding that is not very in the way.

Ideally, install the factory collapsible, standing apart from the house, but they will cost in the cost of the house. But you can use improvised materials.

House cladding begin with one wall, for this corner horizontal bars (5 * 12-15) nailed (for the corner).

The height of the scaffolding should be lower by a couple of meters, so you can reach any point from the scaffolding. On racks as on a wall (for a corner) we nail resistant bars, at least 5 * 5 – half a meter long, so that the horizontal bar is not held by nails, and rested on the bars.

Corner posts are made on the ground, Г shaped, it remains to put and nail to the wall (for the corner).

After the installation of corner posts, stretch a thread (on the scaffolding) and make an intermediate configuration as half a chair, the inner posts short, outer long.

Posts away from the house should be a meter longer than the scaffolding to nail a couple of boards for security.

The number of uprights depends on the length of the wall. For floor scaffolding every 2 meters, 30mm (boards) every meter.

After cladding one wall, angle bars are nailed directly to the cladding (with a stop) and work with the second wall.

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