What to do with falling off tiles on a wooden floor?

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A year ago we laid tiles in a wooden house (the sequence of layers is as follows: joists with 60 cm distance, tongue and groove board, a layer of 6 mm gypsum fiberboard, tiles).

Now the tiles in the hallway and kitchen are cracked in some places and are partially falling off. In the bathroom they are still standing.

What to do with it: to redo the entire floor (not really want to, I'm out of financial considerations) or to put on laminate linoleum above it and not worry?



I was faced with the same situation. The wooden subfloor is mobile. That is why the tiles get cracks and fall off.

We have broken everything. We laid gypsum fiberboard in 2 layers, it's been 2 years and we haven't had any complaints yet.

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