Is it reliable if the windows are shipped separately from the frames?

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Silly question: were the window panes shipped without frames and then inserted into the frames on site?

I was at the construction site last Tuesday night, and there was already loading window panes (actually just triple panes, no frames!).

I was a little stunned. All I know is that the windows come complete with frames!



Also separated. I think both are okay.

  • We also have separate delivery and on-site assembly only (but this is also low effort, but must be done correctly).
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    We also have the windows separately. Since the frames are end profiles only, a person with practice and the right tools (some kind of angle gauge, welding machine, etc.) can assemble the windows on site. The advantage, of course, is that you can replace individual parts of the profile if they are defective. 

I have only seen this once with aluminum elements because the elements were too big to transport and therefore could only be assembled on the building site. This does not apply to PVC windows whose corners are welded and plastered.

As a rule, fixed glazing and large elements are transported separately. In the case of fixed glazing, because the glass will still have to be removed when installing the frame, and in the case of large elements – because of the heavy weight and the associated difficulties in moving during installation.

Some window manufacturers transport the glass separately because they expect there will be handling advantages during installation. This is a matter of persuasion. The vast majority of window manufacturers do not.


In our case, we had a complete window delivered to us. That shouldn't be a problem for a window manufacturer.


If the window or door frames exceed a certain weight, the frame and glass come separately, otherwise installation will only be possible with lifting equipment. WS glass, consisting of 3 panes, weighs about 30 kg/m2.

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