Can a house made of aerated concrete be left for some time without exterior finish?

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I built the walls of a house of aerated concrete (D500, thickness 40cm), in the first winter did not have time to make the roof, before the second winter made the roof and started rough work, now I finish them.

And now the question – to do the facade or interior finish? I only have money for one, I can't do both at the same time. I want to do the interior trim, not the exterior, but I'm worried about the house so that the precipitation won't ruin it. Is there any way to protect it without finishing it?



 Do the interior trim.

  • So there's nothing to worry about? I'm afraid I'll do the trim and mold will grow there because there's no facade.
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    Opinion is unanimous and backed by practical experience: aerated concrete can be left open as long as you like, within reason, of course. But ten years nothing will happen, and during this time you will save money and finish the facade. Do the work inside, move in, have fun.
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