How to install fiber cement siding on D200 aerated concrete?

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I plan to insulate a house made of ceramic bricks aerated concrete D200 thickness of 150 mm and finish with Cedral. How to properly mount the siding on aerated concrete D200?

  • And what is the global point of this scheme: brick / aerated concrete / ventilated facade? I understand if you were plastering on aerated concrete, but for ventilated facades has long been worked out a more logical and convenient scheme of installation with conventional insulation.
  • @RaginmarMart  I calculated different options for insulating and finishing the facade (aerated concrete + plaster, aerated concrete + fiber cement siding, stone wool + fiber cement siding). In the end, stopped at 130 mm wool + fiber-cement siding on a combined subsystem (metal brackets, bars guiding 50 * 50)



 You will have to make the mounting of the subsystem in the main wall. In low density aerated concrete, it's problematic to mount anything.

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