How difficult is the maintenance of mosaic tiles in the bathroom?

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Can anyone tell me if mosaic tile in the bathroom is easy to care for, like flooring, or not so easy?

I currently have relatively large tiles in my bathroom, and when I wipe them down, the lint tends to get stuck in the grout. With mosaic tiles you have quite a bit of grout and so it's even worse?

If you have other asymmetrical and natural bathroom flooring ideas, please tell me. Is there something almost seamless? Maybe something in the spirit of marble.

  • Do sloped walls need to be concealed ? In front of the shower or elsewhere, or everywhere? How many square feet? Main bathroom or extra bathroom? Kids ? 
  • What do you mean by "asymmetrical"?
  • @mixTaPe The least asymmetrical, anything that doesn't have 90° angles or doesn't follow similar "spirit level rules."
  • For example – buy the right size pebbles, lay them in mortar and form a seamless surface with resin ;-)
  • @CarmenGordon And call for help right away, you'll fly right down when it gets wet.

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