Is vinyl flooring dangerous for health?

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What to do about the dangers potentially posed by vinyl flooring? Keyword among other softeners, etc. We wanted to install this flooring in the bedroom and children's room, as well as other areas. If you do a little research online, you'll find a wide variety of opinions.

Doesn't parquet contain chemicals because of the way it is treated? What about cork? How do you assess the risk and what would be a "healthier" alternative?



The main thing is not to buy floors that stink.


If it's about what's healthy, just put tile, but if you want it to be more homey, use wood.


We completely failed with PVC and contaminant free vinyl... it actually seemed very strong, but turned out to be absolutely brittle and literally fell apart. It doesn't look like the real thing – in 4/5 years at the latest it will be ruined.

I would probably choose a parquet if I liked the price and the look.


The question is, how much could and should it cost?

Why don't you go to a wood store and get some advice there? They have an overview of eco-friendly flooring.

By the way, oil is used for modern wood floors. Real hardwood flooring is probably too expensive. Conventional natural wood floors are affordable today. But for larger areas, they are usually glued down. So you have to be careful with glue...


Purely for health, cork is probably the best option. However, we don't feel bad with the parquet either.

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