What are the maximum dimensions of windows and front door WITHOUT an impost?

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Can you please advise – what are the maximum dimensions of these items can be produced in companies with a guarantee and WITHOUT the impost, given that neither on the profile (in terms of thickness and reinforcement), nor on the insulating glass (glazing, triplex, etc.) are not looking for a compromise?

1) Deaf window with lamination on both sides.

2) Front door with lamination on both sides

3) Front door, double leaf, hinged, laminated on both sides.

P. S. Is aluminum profile a replacement for PVC in terms of thermal conductivity and equal to it in price or not?



 There are certain limits within which it is recommended by the system integrator to make products.

1. Not more than 5 m2 in area, provided that neither side is larger than 2500 mm. *

2. 1000 x 2250 mm *

greater height will require reinforcement 2.5-3.0 mm (will only bring to order and expensive)

3. 1800 x 2250 mm *

*Thickness of glass used increases


Frame size 950x2150 is a time-tested maximum. Which will work and for which you can get a warranty.


I have a balcony without an impost on the frame.

850x2200mm and the first year, I got tired of adjusting them (really, maybe the house was moving. Wood)

The entry one is also 850x2200, it's easier.

You know, huge "lobes" aren't very user friendly either. I wouldn't make it bigger than 900x2250.

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