What is yout opinion about windows with 5- or 6-chamber system profile?

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We just received a proposal from our builder... He recommends equipping the windows with a 6-chamber system profile instead of 5-chamber. This additional cost would be about $2500.

What do you think? 



In our case, the markups for thicker frames were lower, but it depends on details such as window size, color, quantity, and so on. In our case, however, the Uw value decreased significantly with better frames, as thinner frames had a value of about 1.2 and thicker frames had a value of less than 1.0 (and thus significantly worse than glass with 0.6).


The markup is certainly large at first glance; but selling 5-compartment profiles as standard is not a bargain either. By comparison, we have 7-chamber profiles, a building depth of 82 mm, and a Uw value of less than 1.0 in standard configuration.


What are the advantages of 5-6 cameras? The U-value is 0.6.

A friend said the windows are thicker and heavier because of the 6 chambers and therefore the windows and fittings wear out faster ?!

  • The frame heat transfer coefficient drops from ~1.3 W/m²K to ~1.1 W/m²K. This reduces the heat transfer of the "window frame" component. Combined with the glass, this gives the heat transfer coefficient of the entire window. I would assume that the glass accounts for the lion's share of the weight of the window. The window has virtually no wear and tear either, unless it has a strange geometry. Your figure of 0.6 W/m²K is more like Ug, the heat transfer coefficient of the glass.

We just ordered our windows, we have an 82 profile with 6 chambers. We place a lot of importance on safety, so we get safety glass and RC2 or RC3 hardware everywhere.

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