How to install mosquito nets on French doors with outward opening?

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Plan to install dormers in the room of seasonal residence (summer). The entrance to the room from the balcony (balcony width 1400mm).

The dimensions of the doors: the width – 1600mm (active 900mm, passive 700mm), height – 2000mm.

The doors will open outward, that is, on the balcony.

There are some doubts and unresolved questions:

1. The width of the balcony in open sash mode. You could calculate, but here's the question: at what angle does the door open?

2. What kind of locking mechanism to put, so that in a draught does not pull the door?

3. How to solve the problem with mosquito nets?

Welcome all advice and constructive criticism.




1. The opening width depends on the thickness of the outer quarter, the most important thing to know the full pie.

2. I prefer a window handle on two sashes.

3. The best option, and systemic, is a patio mosquito net, but expensive.

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