What kind of exterior window sills to choose? Aluminum or Granite?

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Slowly facing the choice of window sills for the outdoors.

How do you feel about aluminum, plastic or granite? Rough or smooth surface? What should I plan on per m²?

We have all of our windows and doors painted RAL 7016 and covered with dark red glazed shingles. The house has a normal roof overhang and dark red brick with dark gray stones in between.




Every time it rains a little harder, I regret that we didn't put "a little more" into the granite sills.

Never aluminum window sills again.


So far we have always had granite window sills and have always been happy with them. You can very often see aluminum here, and it looks good too, but you have to be careful not to scratch anything. Clinker brick homes often have a sill made of the same stone.


Granite is already the best, but we had to find that out the hard way.

We have aluminum window sills in our old house that get hit by rain pretty loudly. It also doesn't go well with clinker.

We have the same color windows and red cladding, the window sills are brushed Nero Assoluto. 


If I had a clinker facade, my window sills would be a layer of brick roll (note the slope)!


I also have only bad experience with aluminum.

We also want to clinker and I will take the window sill of clinker bricks (roll layer, I have not quite understood what that has to do with roll).

Whether roll layer or natural stone outside is then rather a matter of taste I think.

Just look around, there are quite a lot of existing buildings with clinker, look at several with natural stone sills and with roll layers, decide what suits you more.

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