Is the clinker/stucco transition area on the facade problematic?

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I have a question about the facade. The plan is for the façade to be part stucco and part clinker.

The horizontal transition should be relatively seamless, but what about the vertical transition at the corner? Is this a technical problem or is there a simple technical solution to make it look good afterwards?



Horizontally it is built to "thickness" and sprayed with white acrylic. You can add a drip tray if you like. Vertically, I'm sure it will be done exactly the same way.


This seems inconsistent to me, but if the person wants it, that's their right: there I would start the clinker finish (standing in front of it and looking at its height) so "too early" that the joints become flush with the top edge of the facade adjacent to the corner. Then all you see here on the gable side is the thickness of the clinker facade.

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