Is it a good idea to install interior doors up to the ceiling?

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Has anyone here installed flush (or flush with the wall) or ceiling-high interior doors before? We would like to install them on the first floor so they catch the eye.

How do they behave in everyday life? How much did you pay for them?

  • Be prepared to pay $1,000 to $1,500.



Is the frame flush, too? It's not easy to do as everything has to be very flat.

We have doors on the first floor that are flush, which means the frame and the leaf are flush, plus the door height is 2.32m.

Our second floor is 2.70 high – it was quite difficult to find a supplier at a reasonable price for a special size.

Without installation, the door, painted white, with magnetic lock and no handle kit, is $550.


Our door cost $750, including installation.

I think flush doors cost a lot more because of the greater labor involved, since the frame has to be plastered.

But we didn't immediately find a company that was willing to do such a job. Some companies refused right away because they didn't seem to have the experience or interest.


I would plan on a 2 panel frame with a bottom frame. At ceiling height, maybe with a hatch or top panel.

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