Is it a concrete canopy? Or is it wood/aluminum?

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Can anyone tell me what type of construction this is and what vendors there are for this?

We want a width of 7m since our entrance is on the side and we don't want cars parked right at the front door. Is this possible without supports in the middle? I really like this image. What is the approximate price for something like this?

Width 7m Length 7m or 8m




You could also call it on-site fabrication: that is, formed/welded/created at the construction site. I would probably assemble the pipe in the example photo from concrete, aerated concrete, steel beams, square pipes, and drywall.

This can also be done by a carpenter, for example, with columns of beams lined with plasterboard (cross-section including plaster can be less than 30 cm). However, the connection of these columns to the floor will be "non-trivial".

However, keep in mind that the carport in the example photo you used, in terms of budget will come out golden.

I wouldn't want to cover the space with such a carport, because the house needs light, and visually the main entrance becomes a side entrance, if only because of the "hidden" location.


I suspect it comes down to the heterogeneous method of construction, which means that only after it is plastered will it look like a whole.


I'm guessing this is a wooden canopy that has been clad. Although obviously concrete is not ruled out either.

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