What to expect by building an underground garage on a slope?

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Our lot has a driveway that is 5 m wide, but it goes straight down a slope that is about 2 m high.

The entrance to the garage must be at ground level, so the garage (to the right of the cellar) will be in the ground on both sides (back and right) all the way to the top of the garage. What costs should I expect when building such a garage?

It should be airtight because of moisture in the ground and structurally more stable than a detached garage. The necessary excavation for the garage will be made along with the basement excavation. Also, if we want to put our motorhome in the garage (saving extra parking space/building a garage next to the house),

How much would it cost to have a 12m long and 2.7m high (entry height) garage? The 2 sides should also be protected from moisture and ground pressure. Or is this "idea" completely unrealistic?



Can you imagine a "three-quarters buried" garage?

What would be above the garage or on the "garage roof"?

How much it would cost is a matter of region, local conditions and design. I'm thinking of building with a basement first and foremost – it makes everything into a whole. Ask about that. You could also build two concrete foundation walls to support the ground and then cover the parking lot between the outside basement wall and the built foundation wall. This would be a sort of low-lying carport – it also works with a gate and is quite suitable for vehicles. It is doubtful, however, that it would be much cheaper.

I think it's good to have room for a caravan; we built our caravan pretty high. Think about an outlet for the on-board battery; if you have a roof over the solar panels on the camper, you won't get any more electricity from there.

Will it be uneconomical? Presumably, every garage is uneconomical. Protecting the car, and therefore preventing loss of value, probably pays for the cost of construction only in very rare cases.

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