Do white moldings go well with tiles?

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We have a large living room/kitchen/dining room on the first floor. Here we have a direct transition from tile to hardwood flooring. In the parquet area, we have white stained baseboards.

Since the transition from the tile base to the white MDF baseboards would be noticeable and unattractive, we are considering using white painted baseboards everywhere.

Does anyone have white baseboards and tile, too? What does it look like?



We have white baseboards, too. We love it.


We have white baseboards, too. It's especially nice when they match the door frames.


Our current house has had foil wood baseboards under laminate for 15 years, and they all still look like new. But perhaps the whites are more sensitive.


In our case, after 3 years, the foil has started to bubble and peel off a bit at the cut edges (

Things started to look a little untidy.

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