How durable are Moroccan cement tiles?

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We like Moroccan cement tiles very much and we are thinking of laying them in the bathrooms and possibly in the hallway. Has anyone had any experience with them? We have two toddlers, so the floors must be able to withstand something.



Yes, we have experience. If you do not want to constantly clean and pay attention, take them in the cement pattern in ceramic. Comes in very nice but not the same.

We had cement tiles in the old house, the kids are out and yet we have ceramic "cement tiles" in the guest bathroom in the new house.

What they can't stand: Any form of acid (sips of sour milk, squirts of orange juice, small spray droplets from bathroom cleaner). Maintenance flaws. But you can sand and polish them.

What they need: VERY good installation, normal thick-bed method, greasing, grooming, permanent care with a special soap, yes nothing else.

What they bring: Style and charisma to kneel down, aging beautifully with patina.

But there are in these (and other) countries also very beautiful glazed works in thick, rather small format, handmade and with a lot of esprit.

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