What is the optimal size for a silicate brick garage and what costs should I be prepared for?

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Soon we will release the plot for building, on top of everything else we have thousands of brand new sand-lime bricks. Actually, I was planning to put a carport next to the house, but in view of the available material, the idea of a massive garage for a car, a mid-range station wagon category. What size should I plan for and what other costs would I incur?

I would do the brickwork myself under the "guidance" of a mason. Time is not the deciding factor, I view this as a vacation project.... It's not designed for living, so no heating or special insulation is planned. Just room for the car and a couple of closets for tools, winter wheels, etc., a window and gate. I'm sure it's not as easy as I imagine, so thank you for your experience and advice.

  • What kind of roof do you want to see?
  • @TheRedGorilla As simple as possible, I was thinking of a flat roof. But I haven't planned anything specific yet. First I'd like to roughly determine if it's even possible, or if it's better not to even start.



For a garage, even a single story garage, you will need quite a bit of sand-lime brick, as it is recommended to make walls one brick thick.

Assuming that all the stuff is in front of the car, i.e. nothing next to it, and that you want to be able to open the driver side front door and the passenger side rear door simultaneously, I would not recommend going below the structural width of 301 cm (= 349 cm outside).

Will the garage be freestanding, attached on one or both sides?

  • I was thinking of a detached one next to the house.
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