What kind of wood do the floorboards in a half-timbered house come from?

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We would like to lay new floorboards as part of a complete renovation of our 200-year-old timber frame house. But what kind of wood? It shouldn't be too dark, not too soft, and not too expensive? Any advice?

The kitchen should also have flooring, only the bathrooms should have tile. We haven't decided on the entry area yet. Can we also put wood in here or is tile better?



People like to use oak now, but I think that too is a trend that will pass. It's also a question of how often the floor is used and whether you can tolerate seeing the scars on the wood floor. However, today you want wood without nicks, and that in itself is difficult to achieve.

If you are happy with scarred flooring, pine, etc. is also possible, there are all lengths and widths. We use Douglas fir lock boards, there was a good place to buy them, and we lay them everywhere, maybe even in the bathroom. I've had solid pine boards for 30 years, and I don't see why it shouldn't work. Today, there are also great options for custom color.


Spruce floorboards are a good option if the budget is too low for oak floorboards.

Traditionally, the entrance has always been tiled or stone. We have 4 sq ft of porcelain tile right outside the door, then oak floorboards in the hallway throughout the first floor and spruce floorboards upstairs.

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