How to remove the stains from the floor tiles?

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We installed patio tiles on the covered balcony in our new construction apartment.

They have CleanKeeper plus sealer. I noticed that they scratched very quickly and attributed it to the grittiness. I scrubbed the tiles with water and detergent separately, and now they have brownish stains on them. What am I doing wrong? The tile looks so dull. I can't get rid of the stains.

  • Write to the manufacturer with pictures and ask...



Do you have any oiled wooden furniture on your patio? It also gives those brownish stains because the oil leaks out a little bit. We use this exterior cleaner from Lithofin for dirty concrete stones, it always works for us.


I use a mild soap, squeegee and patience. 1 time a year and so far it has come off. Grease stains, green film, etc.

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