How can I remove the tiles from the particle board?

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The tiles in the hallway and kitchen are glued to particle board, with regular floorboard underneath. We want to put new tiles in both rooms. If we level the floor and put new tile on it, we will end up too high and the doors won't fit anymore. Also, we will have a 3 cm difference with the other rooms. I tried knocking down the tiles, but only a few corners are chipped off, and the particle board is also damaged. I would also like to remove the board.

What would you do? Take it apart piece by piece?



Try making a hole in the tile + chipboard – we were able to do it with a thick sledgehammer. Then use a crowbar to remove the panel and tile a little at a time.

Don't forget your safety glasses and gloves!


All beginnings are difficult. Start with a hammer and then piece by piece. Chipboard, including the tile, will be pretty heavy, too.


Pick it up and pull the entire chipboard out in one piece. The particle board will just be nailed or bolted to the flooring.

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