Which flooring to choose for the living room – tile or vinyl?

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We just can't decide whether to put tile only in the entry area and guest bathroom and choose vinyl for the rest of the first floor (kitchen, living room and dining room). Or should I use tile on the entire first floor?

With tile, of course, it would be beautiful and uniform. However, we're a little concerned that our feet would be too cold – at least at times when the underfloor heating isn't working. With vinyl, of course, the rooms look a little warmer/homeier.

What's your experience?



Whichever top layer you choose: personal taste is the deciding factor here, but usually also the contents of your wallet.

A uniform look can be achieved by laying the same flooring, whether it's ceramic or a synthetic floor such as PVC or similar.

Against cold feet, if you are particularly sensitive to the desire to have exclusively ceramic flooring, there is an option to equip the decisive surface areas under the tiles (i.e. laid in the adhesive layer) with an electric floor heating system.

This technical solution, which is only about 3 mm thick, is not associated with exorbitant subsequent costs, if it is not used as the only means of heating the room (this is possible, but not necessary), but only as a light floor heating.

The technology has been perfected for years, and the heat is delivered to the top of the tile within minutes after the heating is turned on.


I think it's entirely a matter of taste. We have a lot of neighbors building with tile and underfloor heating. I don't like the feel of tile on my feet myself, and it would probably be a designer floor.

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