What could be the cause of wavy window panes?

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On the drive between the construction site and our current apartment, I always pass through an area of new construction with beautiful detached houses recently built.

What I noticed as I drove by:

There is one house where all the window panes look kind of "wavy." By comparison, our new windows in the renovated old building are "flat." I've almost never seen such waviness before. Where does it come from?

The windows in our old building look pretty purple on the outside (Weru SupraTherm Secur (0.38 PVB) triple insulated/protective glass, glass structure: 6* VSG* / 18 A / 4 / 18 A / 4*), but inside it shows. I don't consider this a tragedy, but is it due to the laminated safety glass? I see both, rather "purple" looking glass, but also classic "clear" glass in the new construction area. Is there an explanation for this?



The waviness can indicate either a defect or clearly corrugated glass.

In my opinion, most window glass today is produced using a flotation process, resulting in a very flat surface.

The purple color is due to the coating of the glass, whose job is to let more blue color inside the house, which means there is more daylight in the house, but the insulation remains intact. (Usually with triple glazing).

It's also possible that the window panes have an anti-glare coating. In this case, the light shimmers from purple to green. It depends on what the builder ordered or what the home building company has in the standard.

Windows that don't shimmer purple have no coating or often have only double glazing.

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