What is the cause of the loud crackling noise in the evening in the house?

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I am slowly getting lost. In the evenings between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m., there is a crackling noise in our house. The noise is a single loud crackling noise. Always about every hour. Sometimes only every 2 hours.

In the beginning it was almost to the point of being accurate. Every day at 8:44 p.m. I would get up somewhere in the house to locate the noise. Unfortunately, this was not successful. We have a radiator in the converted attic. I have my suspicions about it. Could it be something like that? But it's always been off.

Meanwhile, the noise is subsiding. Today, for example, at 8:49 p.m., 10:03 p.m., and 00:07 a.m.

I also suspected roof beams, but this crackling only occurs in the evening and is always the same. Since the times were the same in the beginning, I quickly ruled them out. We have installed different actuators, all of which I have already disconnected. The problem still exists.

We still have a ventilation system. I haven't actually turned it off yet, but what's to crack? Animals are also ruled out, in my opinion. Otherwise, would you hear a rustling or something like that? I'm open to any ideas. I sit in front of the radiator again and wait for the next round ...

  • The house works. It sags, the screed bulges, the entablature dries out ... and more as the temperature changes.
  • @ZeeshanAhmad I know all of that. And I get some of it acoustically. But that crackling is different. But it's only in the evening. It's always the same noise. Not even quieter or louder. The first few days it was always at the same time. Even now it always starts between 8:45-21:15 p.m. the first time....  
  • Did the heat pump ever look to see if anything was on or off at that time?



Take out the main fuse, then you will know if it was an electrical device, i.e. air conditioning, heating or something else.

Does the crackling also occur on cloudy or rainy days, when the house is not as warm and expanding compared to sunny days?


Cooling gutters or windows?


In our house, the wooden staircase clicks very loudly, mostly when it gets warmer. Annoying, but it is.

  • In our house, there was a staircase as well. And it stopped on its own at some point in time.

Ours cracks too, in our case it's around 8pm on the patio side and around 10pm near the front door. After the sun goes down.

The front door is made of wood. The patio door is aluminum. Both are in anthracite.


Our windows crack from time to time when exposed to sunlight. 


We also have a constant crackle in every corner of the house. It's getting less and less as time goes on though.

I too was looking for clues and stood in front of our 200 year old wood dresser for about a half hour at 3am, driving screws into it, thinking it was tearing it apart.

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