Plastic windows vs. wooden windows

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I have a question regarding my choice of windows.

I always assumed we would use plastic windows because they require less maintenance.

But our architect is absolutely convinced of the need for wood windows.

Now I would be interested in your opinion, plastic windows or wood windows? Advantages and disadvantages?



If wood windows, I would opt for wood-aluminum windows. It eliminates the need for painting, and the aluminum cladding is very durable. However, the prices don't have to be ridiculous. So in the end we settled on plastic windows.


Our wooden windows in our rental apartment get covered with mold in the winter. This cannot happen with aluminum or plastic. 

  • P.s. the reason that wooden windows go moldy in winter is definitely not related to the material of the window itself, but has other reasons.

I like wood windows better, but this is very subjective.

The advantages of wood, in my opinion, are that it feels better to the touch, and that you can change the color of the frames by painting them, and the disadvantage is that they need to be maintained from time to time, i.e. painted.

The advantage of plastic is that it does not need to be maintained, but the one disadvantage I have already described above is that it is difficult to change the color.

However, as is often the case, everyone buys what they like and feel comfortable with.


Wooden windows are more expensive – this is also a disadvantage for many.

Personally, I don't understand the insulation values – in the case of industrially manufactured plastic profiles, you have clear information. I've never found anything about this with wood from carpenters – are there no chamber profiles or anything like that?

Can anyone explain this to me?


The thermal conductivity of a wood frame corresponds to the thermal conductivity of its material, i.e. pine, meranti, oak.

  • So, depending on the material and thickness, do you have predetermined values that are almost always the same?
  • Yes, but there are also wooden windows in which one beam of the glued frame is made of cork, which reduces the U-value somewhat. However, in my opinion, the thermal conductivity of wood is sufficient to avoid the drawbacks, such as thermal bridges.

We have wood windows too, and I think they are just fine. The feel of a plastic window, even a high quality one, can't compete. Also, wood windows are cutting edge from an environmental standpoint as well.

But the rest of our house is also made of wood. I think it's great material. If you don't care about the ideological aspects, you probably buy plastic these days. I think wood windows have become a real niche product now.

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