How reliable is tile installation without rails?

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We were recently in a tile studio and saw the technique of laying without rails or profiles.

At the end of the wall the tiles just stopped, there seemed to be no extra end at all.

When laying at a 90 degree angle, the top horizontal tile was just laid flush with the bottom tile, of course the edge is visible on the top tile, but it looks just as good as with baseboards or trims, etc.

Does anyone know if this laying technique has a flaw or does the technique have a special name? I believe the edges break more easily than the stucco when touched.



Does the tile only have a tile base or do you mean a flush base? Do you have a picture?

  • What is a tile base? Are you supposed to make one (out of other tiles, for example?) and then attach it with glue? What I meant was that the tiles just stop. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture.

I don't quite understand either, and I assume he means what we did by default without thinking: if there's a tile on the wall, you don't have to put a slide on it, just stop at the tile you have?


I think what you mean is that the edges that protrude into the room (e.g., front wall, window jamb, shower wall) are not equipped with moldings, are they?

I'm not a fan of baseboards either and would like to do without them. But our tiler advised us against it. 1. sensitivity, 2. the edges have to be trimmed and positioned very precisely to make everything look perfect. He also said it might look "cheap."

I was hoping for a fun strip in the right color, but unfortunately, it wasn't available. So we had to use stainless steel. But I have to say, it bothers me a lot less than I first thought. It looks somehow quite normal, and now I can't imagine it any other way.

The baseboards were also just finished in acrylic.


I wish you had a photo. Do you mean like this? 


Our guest bathroom was built in 1988 (still is). It's been around for 30 years, and we think that's a good thing, too

  • Yes, that's exactly what I meant, you can see the trimmed edge on the top horizontal tile. In my opinion, the tile was a little thicker in the tile shop to make it look even higher quality.

We have chosen the finish with a skirting board there, because the potential load is high. in other places prefer without such a skirting board. The important thing is simply that the tile edge looks good accordingly.

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