What should I build my new patio out of – concrete or ceramic tile?

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There is a big difference in price. I wonder if this is justified and if ceramic tile has any relevant advantages? So far all I have heard is that they are easier to clean. Are there any other advantages? As for durability, do ceramic tiles last longer?



Ceramic floor tiles are called "porcelain tiles," they are frost-resistant and come in a variety of finishes, colors and price ranges. Concrete slabs are much thicker and require a thicker layer of mortar. Therefore, in addition to personal preference for material and surface appearance, the height of the floor structure must also be considered.

Both materials are virtually "timeless," although the rough surface of concrete slabs is more prone to staining.


But does it have to be stone anyway?

Because I thought about it 2 years ago, too, and ended up settling on larch wood, which the manufacturer laid right for us.

It still looks great and warmer than concrete or ceramic.


Our friends installed the wood and I always find it very beautiful :) Personally, I also find wood to be more in keeping with nature than concrete. But in your question, I would find ceramic visually better.

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