How do I cut laminated plywood to avoid chipping?

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I ordered a sheet of 12 mm laminated plywood for the tennis table. It needs to be sawn (one cut). I only have a cordless circular saw with a cutting depth of 52 mm, 4700 rpm, 24-tooth blade. How to saw correctly laminated plywood, to avoid chipping?

Very interested in your personal experience.



Glue a strip of scotch tape to the cut, this will protect it from chipping.


I don't think it's worth the trouble. Even if there will be chips (and with such a disc there certainly will be), it will not be global. And as a rule, only on one side. They can be hidden by chamfering the perimeter. Anyway, the angle of 90g should not be left, there is a chance of getting hurt.


The easiest way is to try to saw off the unnecessary strip first, and then you will see how it turns out. The blade must not be blunt. First make a 0.5 – 1mm kerf with a reverse travel of the saw

Or you can even scratch the laminate along the kerf with the cutter, then you are guaranteed that there will be no splinters ... The only thing left is to hit the "rut" with the disk...

The disk should protrude beyond the workpiece by about half a tooth in depth.

In my experience, with a good blade chipping is either non-existent or negligible, without any additional conditions.

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