How to get rid of mold traces on the walls and prevent the appearance of new ones?

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I am in the process of renovating an apartment.

There are traces of mold on the walls. In some places the mold is sitting pretty deep in the putty. I would like to cover it with a new putty. Is it worth removing the putty completely or mechanically in some places? Or just clean it with bleach? Is it worth treating with something before applying the new putty? Maybe a special primer? To avoid mold in the future.

I was going to cover the ceiling with wooden slats. I don't think so, because there are signs of mold there too.




I would not recommend wood paneling. Under linings ventilation is worse, most probably that mold will reappear, and you have to breathe it all.


Scrape off everything, peel back to the healthy, uninfected layers, then treat and reapply the necessary layers.

Determine the cause of the mold.

It is not enough to remove the traces of mold. The cause must be eliminated.

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