How do I get rid of mold on the basement windows after screeding?

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The screed was laid this week. The basement windows were supposedly closed. On Friday, I was able to enter the building again and opened the skylights on the top floor to ventilate. On Saturday, I also opened the basement windows and noticed that there was black and green mold all over the plastered trim.

Normal? Is it bad? Very bad? What to do?



Shock airing for half an hour – several times a day. And since that usually doesn't work, you have to dry technically. This kind of ventilation is bad for the screed – you should refrain from it.

By the way, it will be even worse if you heat – or do you already do that?


If you don't have anything with gas pedals, the screed should rest for 21 days and be ventilated regularly.

Has the vapor barrier already been installed? If the attic is unoccupied, are the stairs already sealed?

  • The construction dryer is coming soon. My only concern is the transition period. Calcium sulfate flow screed is installed everywhere as a heating screed. The vapor barrier is installed and the entire envelope is insulated. 
  • We even had drywall starting to get mold in two rooms – we couldn't ventilate that much, and it happened despite four dryers. Well, it wasn't much, and it didn't show up again after disinfecting. 
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